Auto Compass

The benefits of having an auto compass should be obvious to anyone. It’s one of the things that can insure that will no longer get lost, just like a GPS does, but on a smaller scale. For people with a reduced budget, getting a compass instead of a GPS might be a good idea.

Besides the cheaper price, a compass will do more than a GPS in some ways. For example, it can also tell you your speed, how warm is the weather outside and they also come with a basic clock in some cases. Some of these auto gadgets are portable, so you can take them with you when you exit the car.

Auto CompassWhen looking for an auto compass, you need to know what you expect it to do. If you want only the basic function, a simple compass will be quite cheap. The price goes up if it’s a device that also tells you how the weather will be or if it has a clock incorporated. While the cost is much smaller than that of a GPS device, it’s still between $25 and $50.


When it comes to features, what do you expect it to do? Some features are redundant since the car might have them as well (telling the time would be an example of that). If directions are the only things you want, get a simple compass. There are traveler compasses available, in case you need something with a few extra options and features. There is no shortage of models of compasses, so you should have an easy job finding one.

An auto compass might seem to you like it’s something ancient, a tool that your Grandpa might own in his car, but these devices evolved with the times, and they can prove quite useful even in the days of the GPS. Take a cue from auto transport companies, who frequently deploy compasses as a reliable back up to GPS to ensure their drivers sit idle while their Global Positioning systems get stuck “processing”. There are some auto compasses that are evolved enough that they spare you from getting more expensive add-ons for your car.

Below are some thoughts on four of the more popular auto compasses available today.

Car Digital Compass

It’s not just a simple compass, since it has a digital display that is backlit, it shows the inside and outside temperature, it has a clock and it will also indicate the time and the date. The price is usually smaller than $20.

Bell 24000-1

This is a traveler compass, with some of the best ratings when it comes to this type of product. It can be easily mounted and adjusted on your car’s dashboard.

Excalibur Roadside Talking Compass

This model is a bit more advanced and just as the name suggests, it talks to you, in addition to showing you your direction and the time. It needs three AA batteries to function.

Digital Compass With Time

This one is also a compass that is highly rated. Its size is small, but it will show you all the information you need. It uses the power from your cigarette adapter, so no batteries for this one.

Any of the compasses that I just mentioned will do the job for you. They are highly recommended auto gadgets if you travel frequently. The price of an auto compass is quite low, when you compare it with the benefits that you get from it. You will never be lost again, if you use an auto compass.